Thursday, March 11, 2010

Simulating Snapshots

The day after my birthday I went to watch some skijoring. Skijoring is where a person on horseback pulls a skier on a course.  The skier is pulled over jumps made of snow. I used my brand new camera to take a whole bunch of pictures. Taking pictures is my other hobby.  Check out my photography site at   A month later as I looked over my pictures, one inspired me to sketch it.  It took me an evening to draw this one, as I developed the drawing and gave it life.  I used my charcoal pencils to enhance the dark areas, such as the eye and nose. Horse eyes, in my opinon, are some of the hardest things to draw, as they are so glossy. 
You don't have to completely copy the photo that you are reproducing. It's not rocket science to make a few changes with your own imagination.  I put in a simpler backround, and just left the rope halter, instead of having the whole bridle.
Below you can compare my sketch and the actual photograph.  Happy drawing!